Rio Grande Copperlily

Perennial, less than 1 foot. Does well in rocky soil in full sun. Common in parks, medians and even a few yards in northern Bexar County. Foliage and flowers are […]

Velvet Mallow

Part or dappled sun. Semi-evergreen, with silvery-green heart-shaped leaves and yellow blooms that glow like candles in the shaded settings where this native thrives. Often seen in Hill Country woodlands, […]

Mermaid Rose

Sun; semi-evergreen. An vigorous, climbing antique rose with saucer-sized (5-inch) yellow flowers. It can grow up to twenty feet tall and wide, covering trellises, garden structures and roofs. Without support […]

Sabal Palm

Full sun. Evergreen, growing to fifty feet or more in ideal settings. Drooping leaves emerge directly from the trunk, with a dull finish; white flowers appear in early summer. Black […]

Canary Island Date Palm

Sun or partial shade. A regal feather palm with broad, stiff ornamental leaves reaching up to 20 feet in length. Trimming the fronds leaves diamond-shaped bases on the trunk, hence […]

Carolina Jessamine

Sun/part shade; evergreen, with masses of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers in spring and fall. \n\nThe mounding, twining vines grow with an informal habit and can reach up to 20 feet, climbing […]


Full or partial sun. A large-leaved herbaceous perennial with leaves and habits resembling its close relatives, banana and ginger. Big, warm-colored flowers resemble iris, attracting hummingbirds and bees. Many cultivated […]

Bigtooth Maple

Sun/part shade; deciduous. Outstanding fall color. Bigtooth maple is fairly drought-tolerant and can grow up to 40 feet in the right setting; however, in the Edwards Plateau, it’s mostly a […]

Brown-eyed Susan

Sun or partial shade, with well-drained soil. Blooming from late spring to summer, this cheerful, widespread wildflower is considered an annual to a short-lived perennial across its range. Showy golden-yellow […]

Japanese Yew

Shade or partial shade. Evergreen. An architectural shrub or small tree with flat, needle-like dark green leaves and a fairly conical shape. Many sizes and forms are available. Yew tolerates […]