Whether you save an existing tree or plant a new one for the future, trees provide a multitude of earthly benefits.

Benefits of Trees

Trees supply us more than just timber, paper, and that oh-so-important shade. They provide oxygen and absorb airborne and waterborne pollutants. Their canopy and roots slow rainfall and permit it to enter the soil. Trees’ trunks, limbs and leaves are homes to birds and bees as well as providing nourishment to the soil.

Tree Diversity

San Antonio stands at the crossroads of four ecosystems, the Blackland Prairie, Post Oak Savannah, South Texas Plains and Edwards Plateau. Our area has representative species from each ecosystem, uniquely adapted to regional conditions.

A single live oak in the Hill Country may have a root system as large as a football field. And a mountain cedar can survive 180 days without rainfall in only two inches of soil.

Tree Characteristics

  • Perennial
  • Woody
  • Has bark
  • Are upright
  • Generally have a single stem, though not always

Top Three Native Trees

  1. Live oak
  2. Cedar elm
  3. Texas mountain laurel