Establishing Plants

Watering to Establish Plants

Wondering how often to water your new plants? Countdown to 3-2-1.


3 times a day for one week
2 times a day for two weeks
1 time a day for one week
(total of 4 weeks)

Woody Perennials & Shrubs

3 times a week for three weeks
2 times a week for two weeks
1 time a week for one week
(total of 6 weeks)


3 times a week for one month
2 times a week for second month
1 time a week for third month
(total of 12 weeks)

GSSA Orange Flower graphic

For already established plants, infrequent and deep are the pertinent words. Pick a holiday during a month and water everything deeply and thoroughly then.

Watering and sprinkler equipment options include in-ground irrigation systems, rotating sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, water wands and more. For ease, good coverage and conservation, we recommend the old-fashioned 3-arm rotating sprinkler with a hose bib timer.

Got Sprinklers?

Free irrigation consultations are available to homeowners with in-ground sprinkler systems. Our experts will check your system and make sure your controller settings match your landscape’s needs. You could also be eligible for an Irrigation Design Rebate