Japanese Yew

Podocarpus macrophyllus

Yew Plum Pine

About This Plant

Shade or partial shade. Evergreen. An architectural shrub or small tree with flat, needle-like dark green leaves and a fairly conical shape; many forms are available. Yew tolerates hedging and branches fairly low to the ground, making it useful for evergreen screens. In its home range, Japanese yew prefers fertile, well-drained moist soil; in San Antonio plan on preparing the site accordingly. Beware of exposure to scorching afternoon summer sun, which desiccates the leaves. When used in the semi-shade around buildings and established live oaks, it can be long-lived in local landscapes.

Origins: East Asia


Supplemental water will likely be appreciated in summer.

An evergreen accent for partial shade.

Min. Height: 8'

Max Height: 30 feet'

Min. Width: 5'

Max Width: 15 feet'

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