Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix canariensis

Palmera caneria, Pineapple Palm

About This Plant

Sun or partial shade. A regal feather palm with broad, stiff ornamental leaves reaching up to 20 feet in length. Trimming the fronds leaves diamond-shaped bases on the trunk, hence the common nickname, pineapple palm. This is probably the only feather palm that can tolerate extreme winters in south-central Texas. Still, damage will be extensive below 20 degrees, especially when combined with freezing moisture. In ideal conditions, Canary Island date palm grows slowly to forty feet or more, with a spread just as wide. It prefers moist fertile soils to establish.

Origins: Canary Islands.


Mulching improves drought tolerance. Beware the dagger-like leaf bases, which can cause serious injury to trimmers and passersby.

The biggest feather palm for south-central Texas.

Min. Height: 20'

Max Height: 40 feet'

Min. Width: 20'

Max Width: 40 feet'

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