Engelmann’s Daisy

This cheerful perennial grows up to 3 feet tall in full sun. The bright yellow flowers bloom from March until July, with the greatest occurrence during the spring. This is […]


Sun. Kale is a cool-season leafy green vegetable with high nutritional value. It’s considered much closer to the original wild form of cabbage, but unlike domesticated cabbage, kale’s leaves don’t […]

Snake Apple

A native vine with deeply lobed leaves. The flowers are small and yellow, but the big red fruits they produce are distinctive and eye-catching. Balsam gourd grows well in part […]


Full sun. A shrub the size of a small tree, with waxy flowers and a terrific perfume familiar to anyone who’s ever been presented a Hawaiian lei. The big tropical […]

Arizona Cypress

Full sun; an evergreen conifer with dense gray-green or bluish foliage and a pyramidal form.\n\nArizona cypress is fast-growing and drought-tolerant in San Antonio, providing strong form to xeriscapes. Various cultivars […]

Lacey Oak

Sun or part shade; deciduous. Thick, distinctly bluish leaves have shallow lobes and nice fall color. Lacey oak tolerates thin soils and makes an excellent choice for a specimen in […]

Bracted Passionflower Vine

Full/part shade; a native vine with small, intricate green flowers. Uncommon in the nursery trade but may volunteer in yards in Northern San Antonio. Homeowners lucky enough to have one […]

Blue Grama

Blue grama grass with seedheads.

Sun. A short 4\” bunchgrass with thin leaves and a plush texture. The large seedheads may extend up to a foot or more in autumn, suspended horizontally from the stems.\n\nFully […]

Lindheimer Daisy

Sun or partial shade. A reseeding wildflower. Appearing in winter as a distinct lettuce-like rosette of fuzzy, deeply lobed leaves, Lindheimer’s daisy begins growing swiftly in February. Blooms appear in […]


Dappled shade or morning sun. Evergreen, with feathery, threadlike leaves on tall, hollow stems. Umbels of tiny yellow flowers appear with warm weather. \n\nA soft-textured perennial in any herb garden, […]