Summer Watering

Set Sprinklers for Savings

Summer sizzle and bone-dry conditions may have you reaching for the hose or irrigation controller, but too much outdoor watering can soak your water bill.

The average irrigation system uses 2,000 gallons each time it runs.  Running your irrigation system twice a week can more than triple your water bill. The more you water, the higher your water bill.

Don’t get soaked (or shocked) by a high bill or a citation. Schedule a FREE irrigation consultation and we’ll help you set a personalized irrigation schedule that matches your landscape’s water needs.

Three Ways to Reduce Summer Water Bills

  1. Water no more than once a week. Less is better. Your landscape will stay healthy—and so will your wallet. Keeping grass as green in the summer as it is during spring is expensive.
  2. How low can you go? Replace grass with native and drought-tolerant plants.  Water less and by hand to keep them looking healthy and your water bill low. Use our $100 WaterSaver Landscape Coupons to get started.
  3.  Keep an eye out for leaks. Apply for a water flow sensor rebate and keep a close eye on real-time water use.

Between 7-11 AM and 7-11 PM
Once a Week on Assigned Day

Landscape watering

  • Twice a week can TRIPLE your bill.
  • Set irrigation controller to manual.
  • Hand-watering is most efficient for plants and your wallet.

Get to know your plants

Sprinklers 101

Irrigation Controller Basics

A quick, easy guide to setting your controller.

Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make Programming Their Irrigation Controllers

These three mistakes can waste a lot of water and money.

Seasonal Adjust: The Easy Button for Your Irrigation System

Use the seasonal adjust feature to save up to 30 percent of your annual water use.

A Beautiful Yard with Minimal Water

Landscapes need less water than you think.  Get weekly watering recommendations based on current weather and horticultural needs by signing up for the Garden Style San Antonio newsletter, delivered weekly to your inbox.

Get to know your plants. Turn off your irrigation controller and run the system manually as needed. Or leave it off and hand-water established plants that look wilted in the morning.  Your plants are tougher than you think.

Let Bermuda grass go dormant (turn brown) in the summer while it waits for fall rains to return.

Watering with a Hose

Beat-the-Heat Landscaping

Conserve Your Cash

Irrigation Rebate

Get cash back to make changes to your sprinkler system.

WaterSaver Coupons

Replace 200 square feet of grass and we’ll help you pay for it!

Smart Controller Coupon

Control watering from your mobile phone anytime.

Flow Sensor Rebate

Keep track of how much water you’re using in real time.

Leak Detection

A summer spike in your water bill is often caused by outdoor watering, but leaks are another possibility.