Outdoor Living Rebate

Convert part of your lawn into a beautiful, functional outdoor living space. This rebate provides an incentive to help with the cost of a wooden deck or a hardscape feature made of flagstone, stepping stones or pavers, or a combination of both.

Choose what works best in your yard and transform your outdoor space from bland to something beautiful and valuable.

Rebate Benefits

Program Highlights

Turn your daydreams of a new outdoor living space into reality and get a cash rebate from SAWS. Do your research on the total cost of the project you envision before applying for the program.

How It Works

STEP 1: Submit Application and Photo

Fill out an application with a request for the required pre-inspection visit and attach one photo of where you plan to remove grass and build your proposed patio.

STEP 2: Project Pre-Inspection

After applying, SAWS will contact you to schedule a site visit. We will review your proposed patio project with you during the visit. An irrigation consultation will also be performed at this time if you have an irrigation system.

STEP 3: Project Approval

Do not begin construction prior to approval. Your rebate amount will be determined after the site visit. You will receive an email with an approval notice and rebate offer. Save this email as you will need it to receive your rebate at the conclusion of your project. Offer good for 12 months from approval date.

Hummingbird in flight

STEP 4: Create Your New Outdoor Living Space

Purchase the necessary materials at any store. Take photos during construction of the patio and any irrigation components removed. If your project design changes, contact us to avoid any negative impacts on your rebate offer.

STEP 5: Submit Inspection Form and Photos

Take up to three photos best showing the completed project and find the approval email we sent you. Fill out the inspection form, attach your photos and submit it before your rebate offer expires.

STEP 6: Conservation Review

SAWS will review your photos. If your project is complete, a post-inspection visit will be scheduled. When successfully completed, a rebate check will be mailed to you.

WaterSaver Rewards

WaterSaver Rewards members will receive 3 points for successfully completing their final inspection (limit 3 points).

Removing sprinkler heads

If you have an irrigation system, you will have to remove all the sprinkler heads and drip lines in the area where you plan to install beds or patios. Take photos to document your sprinkler components before and after removal.

An irrigation consultation will be conducted during your pre-inspection site visit. Review our Irrigation Design Rebate program requirements to see if you may qualify for additional cash rebates from SAWS.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is a way to replace water-demanding turfgrass with a new, zero water-demanding wooden or composite deck, and/or hardscape. For hardscape, only features composed of 80 percent flagstone, stepping stones or pavers will be eligible for these types of transformations.

Decks must be built with pressure-treated wood, hardwood or composite material. Safety measures such as the use of railing is strongly recommended.

The new outdoor living space must be pervious, allowing water through.

No, only preapproved, newly constructed outdoor living features.

River rock, gravel, or granite in any form can only be used to construct the permeable character of a hardscape feature covered by this rebate and cannot take up more than 20 percent. Areas constructed solely with these materials are not eligible for consideration for this rebate.

Artificial turf, playscapes and pools are not eligible for this rebate.

Walkways are not included in the total project size for the rebate offer. The outdoor living space (patio or deck) must be at least 10 feet wide and at least the minimum 200 square feet.

At least 200 square feet of grass must be removed and replaced with a new Outdoor Living feature to qualify for rebate after a pre-inspection.

Yes, before any work is started. Previously started or completed projects will not qualify. At your pre-inspection, you will receive a rebate offer and suggestions for additional SAWS incentive programs. No irrigation is allowed in the new outdoor living area. If you have any irrigation, our consultant will run your system and make a rebate offer for removing any in that area.

Rebate offer is good for 12 months from the date of the approval email.

Yes, you can hire a contractor and/or designer to work with you. The rebate is not based on the design or material costs you incur. It is based on your final project size, use of eligible materials, and irrigation status. You may not have irrigation in or on the new outdoor living space.

SAWS cannot recommend a designer or deck/hardscape installer. SAWS does not endorse anyone, and is not responsible for any damages caused by an installer.

Contact the SAWS conservation planner listed on your approval email to discuss any changes to avoid any issues with your rebate.

You will need to take pictures of your completed project and request a final inspection. Find the approval email with your rebate offer and the link to upload your pictures with the request. This must be completed within 12 months before your rebate offer expires.

Customers must pass an inspection of their completed project. The cash rebate will only be issued after passing inspection.

If your total rebates from SAWS exceed $600 in a year, you will need to complete an IRS W-9 form per federal tax code.

Rebate checks will be issued in 6-8 weeks upon passing inspection.

Yes, call us at 210-704-SAVE (7283).


Goodbye, Grass! Hello, Savings

Your rebate will be calculated based on how much grass is removed with a minimum of 200 square feet.

Customers are encouraged to combine this rebate with other SAWS conservation incentive programs to maximize your outdoor living project.

The Fine Print

  1. This rebate may not be used for existing non-grass areas or to replace existing patios.
  2. Patios must allow rain to infiltrate the ground (pervious). Concrete, mortar, asphalt or other impervious construction is not allowed.
  3. Your Outdoor Living Rebate offer is good for 12 months to allow time for you to purchase materials and construct your patio.
  4. This program is available to SAWS residential water customers only.
  5. SAWS reserves the right to use photos submitted on this application for program promotions. Identifying information such as customer name and address will not be used on selected photos.
  6. Program availability may be subject to budget limitations.
  7. Read our frequently asked questions for more project requirements.
  8. View your rebate history by accessing your SAWS service account online. After you log in to My Account, look for the Rebates & Rewards button in the main navigation menu.