Thunder Turf

Thunderturf leaves.

Full sun. A mix of buffalo grass, blue grama and curly mesquite; it can establish fairly quickly by seed (in about one month.) Thunderturf aims to provide a soft native […]


Habiturf and Thunderturf leaves.

Full sun. A native turf mix (\”The Ecological Lawn\”) consisting of a mix of buffalo grass, blue grama and curly mesquite; it establishes quickly (in about one month) requires little […]


Best in partial shade. Evergreen down to freezing temperatures; otherwise root hardy, but avoid winter moisture. An interesting bi-generic succulent hybrid between Agave and Manfreda, with many cultivars available in […]

Possum Grape

Partial shade. Evergreen, as long as it doesn’t freeze; otherwise perennial. An interesting native vine capable of climbing trees, stones, and walls; the tendrils have distinctive leaves and bluish berries […]

Morning Glory

Sun. A perennial vine with cheerful purple flowers that easily make up for its long twining tendrils and habit of grabbing and climbing over adjacent plants. Names like \”purple bindweed\” […]

Snake Apple

A native vine with deeply lobed leaves. The flowers are small and yellow, but the big red fruits they produce are distinctive and eye-catching. Balsam gourd grows well in part […]

Pearl Milkweed Vine

An unobtrusive vine whose small flowers bear a curiously shiny pearl-like center. Often found growing in shaded settings around live oaks and Texas persimmon. Seed pods develop in summer, covered […]

Devil’s Bouquet

A low, sprawling annual that blooms throughout the warm season. The gray-green, fleshy foliage is sticky to the touch with a mottled appearance. The bright red flowers make it a […]

Crape Myrtle

Full sun (crape myrtles will not bloom well in the shade around your live oaks.) Deciduous. Crape myrtle is a lovely ornamental with muscular trunks, colorful peeling bark, and a […]

Arizona Cypress

Full sun; an evergreen conifer with dense gray-green or bluish foliage and a pyramidal form.\n\nArizona cypress is fast-growing and drought-tolerant in San Antonio, providing strong form to xeriscapes. Various cultivars […]