Thunder Turf

Bouteloua dactyloides, Bouteloua gracilis, Hilaria belangeri

About This Plant

A mix of buffalo grass, blue grama, and curly mesquite; it can establish fairly quickly by seed (in about one month.) Thunderturf aims to provide a soft native texture suitable for bare feet (but not shade.) In ideal circumstances, growing in full sun in clay loam, it would grow thick enough to discourage weeds. “Thunderturf” refers to the thunder of hooves, and to the inherent predicament of Texas weather… i.e., it’s designed to survive even if the rumble of distant thunder never results in any rain.


Proper site silection and preparation is key; Thunderturf is only appropriate for full sun where Bermudagrass and other invasive weeds have been eliminated, or else it will swiftly be overtaken. Mow no shorter than 4 inches. Allow the seedheads to fall at least once per year. Fertilize with compost only. Once established (after the first month) only two soil wettings are needed per month. With less frequent water, Thunderturf may go dormant.

A native turfgrass mix for full sun. Less water, less mowing.

Min. Height: 4'

Max Height: 6 inches'

Min. Width: 4'

Max Width: 6 inches'

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