Possum Grape

Cissus trifoliata

Cow-itch Vine; Grape Ivy

About This Plant

Evergreen, as long as it doesn’t freeze; otherwise perennial. An interesting native vine capable of climbing trees, stones, and walls; the tendrils have distinctive leaves and bluish berries resemble grapes or English ivy. The foliage is thick and fleshy, like a succulent. Crushing the leaves yields an unmistakable fetid odor. Possum grape is native to shaded woodlands and edges; it’s a mild-mannered, attractive perennial that requires no particular maintenance or care whatsoever. Whether intentional or not, its most common landscape application seems to be to ornament stone mailboxes and fences around unirrigated, shaded sites.

Origins: Southeastern U.S.; Mexico; Central America


None required.

A tough native vine typically found around old Hill Country woodlands and mailboxes.

Min. Height: 5'

Max Height: 20 feet'

Min. Width: 5'

Max Width: 30 feet'

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