Bouteloua dactyloides, Bouteloua gracilis, and Hilaria belangeri

About This Plant

Full sun. A native turf mix (“The Ecological Lawn”) consisting of a mix of buffalo grass, blue grama and curly mesquite; it establishes quickly (in about one month) requires little mowing, and provides a soft, even texture suitable for bare feet (but not heavy foot traffic). Developed at Ladybird Johnson National Wildflower Center in Austin, Habiturf is advertised as a Texas-tough shortgrass for use in medians, campuses, golf courses, and residential lawns. In ideal circumstances, growing in full sun in clay loam, it grows sufficiently thick to discourage weeds.


On its own Habiturf will grow 6-8 inches tall — bigger than most turfgrasses. To keep it strong and dense, mow no shorter than 4 inches; raise the mower blades as high as they’ll go. Some customers simply weedeat off the flower stems to preserve a plush prairie appearance. Fertilize with compost only. Once established (after the first month) only two soil wettings are needed per month. With less frequent water, Habiturf may go dormant but it recovers with rain.

A full-sun turfgrass mix requiring less water, less fertilizer and less mowing.

Min. Height: 0.3'

Max Height: 0.5'

Min. Width: 0.3'

Max Width: 0.5'

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