Primrose Jasmine

Jasminum mesnyi

Chinese Jasmine

About This Plant

Sun/shade; evergreen, with yellow flowers briefly in spring. Long-arching branches create a mounding form and root where they touch the ground, making a dense cascading screen. Primrose jasmine can be kept as a 5′ hedge with careful maintenance, but under irrigation it can swallow up entire shrubs, trees, equipment, and untended corners of the landscape. Remember its eventual size when planting, and use with caution in small gardens and around valuable native plants. Primrose jasmine blooms on old wood, so if blooms are desired, pruning should be done before summer. Be aware that during the spring nesting season, many birds will be making use of it.

Origins: China


Primrose jasmine eventually grows quite large, rooting where its nodes touch the ground and gradually expanding its footprint. Extensive pruning may be required to contain it.

Evergreen, with an attractive cascading form.

Min. Height: 6'

Max Height: 12 feet'

Min. Width: 6'

Max Width: 12 feet'

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