Cherry Laurel

Prunus caroliniana

Laurel Cherry

About This Plant

Sun; part shade. Evergreen, with glossy dark green leaves suitable for hedging and screening. The bark is nearly black in color. Crushed leaves have a strong almond fragrance, due to a concentration of hydrocyanic acid. A vigorous grower, cherry laurel reseeds freely. In deep well-drained soils, it makes an excellent native hedge comparable to East Asian shrubs like xylosma, ligustrum, photinia and holly. It grows in well in semi-shaded deep clay loams around pecans and other massive trees, but isn’t as drought tolerant in shallow exposed soils.

Origins: East Texas, through the southeastern U.S.


Occasional pruning or light training if a hedge is desired.

A mid-sized Southern evergreen useful for screening in deep soils.

Min. Height: 12'

Max Height: 35 feet'

Min. Width: 10'

Max Width: 35 feet'

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