Evergreen Sumac

Rhus virens

Evergreen Sumac; Tobacco Sumac; Lentrisco

About This Plant

Sun/part shade; evergreen; fast-growing and shrubby. Creamy white summer flowers are followed by tart red fruits. Useful as either a large shrub or an evergreen screen, especially in rocky soils north of 1604. It grows quickly to full size with minimal care. Care when transplanting potted specimens is essential. If the root ball is loose, avoid tearing the plant out of the pot, or the roots may come loose. Some landscapers even place the pot in the hole and cut it away from the plant to minimize the disturbance. Evergreen sumac attracts monarch butterflies and other wildlife.

Origins: Native to the southwest U.S., Texas, and Mexico


None required, but caution is essential when transplanting potted specimens.

Fast growing and evergreen.

Min. Height: 10'

Max Height: 12 feet'

Min. Width: 5'

Max Width: 12 feet'

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