Curly Mesquite Grass

Hilaria belangeri

Curly Mesquite

About This Plant

Sun (at least 6 hours/day during summer.) A warm-season shortgrass, drought-tolerant and useful as a turfgrass. It may grow up to about a foot in height but normally stays at about six inches. Native to mesquite savannahs, including the San Antonio River basin. The leaves curl during dormancy, hence the name. Grown from a seed mix, curly mesquite is blended with blue grama and buffalograss to produce a dry native turfgrass suitable for lawn grass and bare feet.

Origins: Central Texas to Northern Mexico, west to Arizona


Mow no shorter than 4 inches. Fertilize with compost only. Once established (after the first month) only two soil wettings are needed per month. With less frequent water, it may go dormant.

A tough shortgrass often included in native turf mix.

Min. Height: 6'

Max Height: 12 inches'

Min. Width: 6'

Max Width: 12 inches'

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