Eve’s Necklace

Styphnolobium affine

Texas Sophora, Katzkacke

About This Plant

Sun or shade. Deciduous; a small, pretty native tree. Flowers appear briefly in spring, with dangling seedpods (“necklaces”) persisting until winter. The delicate white-to-pink racemes resemble wisteria, but Eve’s Necklace is unrelated; it’s actually a close cousin of Texas Mountain Laurel. In shade along area creeks and woodlands, Eve’s necklace tends to grow vine-like and spindly; give it room and sun to grow a broader treelike form.

Origins: Texas and south-central U.S.


Very light pruning to remove deadwood mostly. Training can produce a more treelike form, but remember, Eve’s necklace is normally grown with multiple trunks, like a mountain laurel. The wood is fairly fragile and easily damaged, so remove dangling branches that may be hit by vehicles.

The deciduous cousin of Texas mountain-laurel requires minimal care.

Min. Height: 15'

Max Height: 20 feet'

Min. Width: 15'

Max Width: 20 feet'

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