Goldenball Lead Tree

Leucaena retusa

Littleleaf Lead Tree; Wahoo Tree

About This Plant

Full sun. Nearly evergreen; thornless, with breezy foliage and big, fragrant yellow flowers after summer rains. It can reach 25′, but is usually smaller in stature. Goldenball lead tree is suitable for thin rocky soils or sloping sites; it performs best with good drainage. It is rare in the wild, generally confined to inaccessible rocky cracks and cliffs where grazing animals can’t reach it. However, it has found increasing popularity in the home landscape; in a garden setting makes a great perch in an unirrigated border or cactus garden. It can be shrub-pruned as needed or trained into a small tree.

Origins: Southwest Texas and northern Mexico


Very occasional pruning and training.

A rare native tree with yellow puff flowers. Plant in full sun.

Min. Height: 12'

Max Height: 15 feet'

Min. Width: 5'

Max Width: 10 feet'

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