Hot Colors = Cool Landscape

erin conant

Turn up the heat in your landscape. Incorporate plants in hot colors to add a little spice to your garden.

Heat is probably the last thing you want to think about in the middle of a scorching Texas summer. But I’m talking about adding a little heat to your garden in terms of hot colors.

Yellow, red, orange — all of these colors are bright, cheery and grab your attention quickly. Here are a few eye-catching plants that can also take the heat and spice up a dreary garden:

  •  Firecracker plant — their long, slender branches are sprinkled with clusters of small, fiery-red flowers. I always spot them thriving near sidewalks, curbs and other blistering environments.
  • Cigar plant — this fine-textured deciduous shrub comes in a few color varieties including hot pink, orange and yellow, and usually a combination of these. The tubular, cigar-looking flowers are also great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Pride of Barbados — although not native, this plant is well-adapted to the San Antonio area and thrives in the heat. If you want a landscape with tropical flair, the bright orange and yellow plumes of flowers certainly emanate a sense of warmth and vibrancy.

You may want to explore the color wheel and color palettes to make sure you choose your hot colors wisely!

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