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Small businesses and organizations have a lot to keep up with. Make irrigation a little less complicated by updating your system with a smart irrigation controller!

How It Works

Smart irrigation controllers simplify managing your irrigation system with an easy-to-use app that shows your watering schedule and allows you to adjust your runtimes from anywhere in the world! You can even allow multiple people access to the app, such as property managers and your irrigator. Staying in touch with your watering schedule can help you better understand your water use and save money on your water bill.

This rebate is designed for commercial properties with a single irrigation controller to replace or update their current irrigation controller.

  • STEP 1: Complete an Annual Irrigation Checkup and Backflow Testing

    Required properties not in compliance will not be approved for a rebate until compliance requirements are met. See our frequently asked questions for more information.

  • STEP 2: Do Your Research on Controllers and Plug-ins

    Review the program requirements, frequently asked questions, and list of approved devices to understand what is needed to participate in this program. A compatible plug-in can be used with some pre-existing controllers to make them “smart,” or you can purchase a new smart controller.

  • STEP 3: Purchase, Install and Take Photos

    Once your licensed irrigator has installed the controller or plug-in, take pictures of your new smart controller on the wall, your uninstalled and disconnected previous controller, an invoice for the installation of your new device, and a temporary read-only access code for your system. These will be submitted as part of your rebate application.

  • STEP 4: Apply for Rebate

    Submit your application with photo documentation within 12 months of purchase. Rebates are 50% of the pre-tax device cost with a maximum rebate of $100. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been accepted and a rebate check will be mailed within eight weeks. Checks will be made out to the billing address and name on the SAWS account. SAWS reserves the right to conduct an in-person site verification.

  • STEP 5: IRS Requirements

    If your organization has received $600 or more in rebates from SAWS, you will be required to complete an IRS W-9 Form. SAWS will provide you with a form. You will receive a 1099 Form from SAWS for your taxes. Rebate checks will not be issued until your completed W-9 form is received by SAWS.

Before You Buy


While there are many smart controllers on the market, each one has its own features and approach to smart watering. Research carefully to find the device that best fits your needs and budget.

  • Go to each product website and determine the product cost.
  • Watch the installation videos provided by the vendor.
  • Products vary in how their smart watering algorithms work.

Are you Eligible?

You must have a SAWS commercial water account in good standing, and you must be in compliance with the Annual Irrigation Checkup and Backflow Testing, if applicable (see below). Have you ever received a notice you are ineligible for SAWS conservation programs? If you are not sure, contact us at 210-704-SAWS (7283).


Review Rebate Agreement

Be sure to read our frequently asked questions and review the rebate agreement.


Have Questions?

Join us each week on Thursday from 3-4 p.m. for our commercial rebate office hours. Conservation staff will be on hand to explain the rebate process, offer project advice and answer any questions.

The Fine Print

You must be a SAWS commercial water customer.

The rebate your business receives is nontransferable. Limit one rebate per account.

The device must be an eligible product approved by SAWS. The device must have been purchased from the vendor or retail store within the last 12 months of the application submission date. The device will not be shipped from SAWS.

See rebate agreement and FAQ for additional program requirements. Program funds are limited, and applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Properties are required to submit an annual irrigation checkup and an annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies. Learn more in our FAQ.

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