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Commercial Irrigation Design Rebate

SAWS will work with your irrigator to identify problems with your sprinkler system. You’ll save water and money, plus your landscape will be healthier too!

Our commercial irrigation design rebate can offset the cost of irrigation improvements while creating a knockout landscape for your property. Ditch the entire system and receive a larger rebate.

Commercial properties are as unique as the services they provide to the community. Call us at 210-704-SAVE and our team will get you started.

You can be part of the solution while achieving your commercial landscape goals without relying on irrigation.

How It Works

The commercial irrigation design rebate is available to SAWS irrigation customers ready to make permanent changes to their irrigation system that result in long-term water savings.

If you make permanent changes to your irrigation system for a rebate, you MUST have submitted a Request for Assistance form and received information about how to proceed with your rebate.

  • STEP 1: Complete an Annual Irrigation Checkup (If Required) and Backflow Testing

    Properties not in compliance will not be approved for a rebate until compliance requirements are met (see our frequently asked questions).

  • STEP 2: Submit a Request for Assistance

    Fill out our online Request for Assistance Form to the best of your abilities. A staff member will review the application and contact you with information about the next steps.

  • STEP 3: SAWS Consultation

    We will work with you to develop a plan which may include reviewing past water use patterns at the property and recommending irrigation changes tailored to your landscape. Changes to the irrigation system resulting in reduced water use may qualify for rebates. This may include scheduling an initial irrigation consultation or documenting existing irrigation with pictures.

  • STEP 4: Complete Irrigation System Changes

    After receiving your rebate offer, have a licensed irrigator complete the work following applicable regulations.

  • STEP 5: Project Review

    After the work is complete, follow the instructions you received on how to verify eligible changes were made to the system. If it is completed correctly, an authorized party from the business will sign an agreement. SAWS will calculate the final rebate amount and contact you by email.

  • STEP 6: Rebate Check Issued

    Once you have received your final rebate approval email, you will receive your check within eight (8) weeks. Rebates $600 or more require an IRS W-9 Form. Rebate checks will not be issued until your completed W-9 form is received by SAWS.

Before You Start


Rebate Calculations

SAWS rebates are based on the size and water use of your irrigation system. Irrigation changes are expected to be a permanent change to your property.


Have Questions?

Join us each week on Thursday from 3-4 p.m. for our commercial rebate office hours. Conservation staff will be on hand to explain the rebate process, offer project advice and answer any questions.

The tables below show your options, the requirements and rebate amount ranges:

Permanent Removal of Irrigation System

Removal of Irrigation System
(Active Systems: $$$$$)
(Non-Functional Systems: $$$)
  • Irrigation controller removed
  • Backflow and box for backflow removed
  • Visible zone valves and boxes for zone valves removed
  • All visible sprinkler heads removed

Targeted Changes

Removal of Irrigation Zone(s)
(per zone: $$)
  • Remove all visible valve(s) and box(es)
  • Remove all visible sprinkler head(s) or drip tubing 
Conversion to Pressure-Regulated Heads 

(Per zone: $)

All heads in a zone must be changed to an approved, pressure-reducing spray or rotary option:

  • Hunter Pro Spray (PRS30 + PRS40)
  • Hydro-Rain HRS 200 PRS Series
  • Rain Bird RD1800-SAM-PRS Series
  • Hunter I-20 PRB Rotor Series
  • Hunter PGP Ultra PRB Rotor Series
Installation of New Master Valve

(One per system: $$)

  • Approved for existing systems without a master valve
  • NOT approved to replace or affect repair of an existing master valve
  • Must be wired as if newly installed, no actuators, or other technology unless pre-approved by SAWS Conservation PRIOR to install
Removal of Irrigation from Parking Lot Islands 

(Per zone: $$)

  • Cap all sprinkler head(s) and/or drip tubing irrigation to the island, except for bubblers if the island contains a tree.
  • If the island contains a tree, 4 fixed-head bubblers can be installed on opposing corners of the island.
  • Associated system must have a master valve.

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My Rebates

To view your rebate history, you will need online access to your SAWS service account. Note: Once you have logged in to My Account, look for the Rebates & Rewards button in the main navigation menu.


The Fine Print

You must submit a request for assistance and get approval from SAWS Conservation BEFORE you begin any work.  Work completed prior to the first consultation will not receive rebates.

Rebate offer good for 12 months.

The property must complete an Annual Irrigation Checkup and Annual Backflow Testing. Learn more in the FAQ.

Checks are issued to the name on the SAWS account and mailed first class via U.S. Postal Service to the address on the final inspection agreement. If a different name or mailing address for the check is preferred, provide this information during the final inspection.

Rebates are in cash. Rebates over $600 will require an IRS W-9 tax form. SAWS will provide you one. You will receive a 1099 Form from SAWS for your taxes.

Program availability may be subject to budget limitations.


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