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You Save  Thousands of Gallons/Month

WaterSaver Irrigation Consultation

Did you know your irrigation system can use more water in a week than your family uses in a month!? Together, let’s find out how much water and money you can save!

How It Works

SAWS has temporarily suspended in-person irrigation consultations. Our consultants, instead, are conducting phone consultations.

Schedule a FREE WaterSaver Irrigation Phone Consultation by calling 210-704-SAVE (7283). Or call to join the waiting list for an in-person consultation when normal visits resume.

During a typical home consultation, your SAWS conservation consultant will:

  • Arrive at Your Home

    Arrive at your scheduled time to check your irrigation system and evaluate existing landscape conditions.

  • Review Plant Material

    Review your plant material and your landscape goals.

  • Review Irrigation

    Review your irrigation system settings to make sure they are set appropriately to meet your landscape goals.

  • Review Rebates

    Review current rebates and coupons that may be right for you.

Why Should You Have an Irrigation Consultation?


Learn how much water your irrigation system uses and how to save money on your water bill.


Get a personalized irrigation schedule that matches your landscape water needs.


Get personalized landscape advice and tips for keeping it healthy.


Help our community meet its long-term water needs.

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Call 210-704-SAVE (7283) to schedule a free WaterSaver Irrigation Consultation.


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