Weed Control

Weeds are a challenge in every garden, and early management is key. Keep weeds under control with these gardening tips.


Early management of weeds is important. Their root systems develop quickly making them difficult to pull from the ground. Deep mulch layers make it harder for the weeds to get established. Weeds may still grow, but they are easier to pull. Mulch may also prevent weed seeds from getting soil contact needed for germination.

What’s Happening

Weeds are plants growing where we don’t want them. A rose in a cornfield is a weed. It’s all in the location.

Threat Level

Low for plant health if caught early. Serious for peace of mind if weeds get out of control.

Mulch Cultural Practice High Mulch should be several inches deep to prevent weeds from germinating and getting started in soil.
Frequent Grass Cutting Cultural Practice High Prevents weeds from getting started or flowering.
Pulling Weeds Cultural Practice High This sounds obvious: pull the weeds to control them! Catching them in early growth stages is much easier and more likely to succeed. Weeds with extensive root systems have reserve energies to regrow many times.
Corn Gluten Meal Cultural Practice High Corn Gluten Meal sold in large bags can help prevent weed seed germination when spread at a rate of 40 pounds/1,000 square feet. Timing is essential: apply just as weeds begin to germinate in late summer and just as spring starts.
Vinegar and Orange Oil Contact Spray High 1 gallon of strong vinegar, 2 oz. of orange oil, 1 tsp of dish soap.  Apply twice for best results.

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