Custom Rebate


Whether you have two or 200 controllers, keep tabs on your irrigation system’s runtimes and find leaks with an online dashboard.

How It Works

SAWS rebate helps you offset the cost for system upgrades that will help centralize control of your business’s irrigation use and monitor for leaks.

  • STEP 1: Complete an Annual Irrigation Checkup and Backflow Testing

    An Annual Irrigation Checkup is required for any commercial site, regardless of size or annual water use, in order to participate in the Commercial Smart Irrigation System Rebate program.

  • STEP 2: Create a Project Proposal With Your Irrigator

    Review program requirements and FAQs. Work with your preferred licensed irrigator to develop a plan to make your irrigation system smart. Itemize the costs by meter. You are required to maintain internet connectivity and a contract with a licensed irrigator for at least three years.

  • STEP 3: Submit Application for Pre-Approval

    Submit your application and project proposal to SAWS for review. If approved, you will receive an email with a rebate offer based on the project proposal submitted. Once you have signed off that you and the business understand the program requirements, project installation may begin.

  • STEP 4: Complete Project

    Install the proposed irrigation system updates. If there are any major changes to the approved proposal, reach out to SAWS staff. Keep track of all invoices to submit once work is completed.

  • STEP 5: Schedule a Site Inspection

    A member of our team will come to your business to verify that all components meet our requirements.

  • STEP 6: Sign Final Agreement and Receive Rebate

    Final rebate amounts will be calculated from actual project costs, and an authorized member of the business will need to sign a rebate agreement. If your organization has received $600 or more in rebates from SAWS, you will be required to complete an IRS W-9 Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to frequently asked questions about smart irrigation systems and the rebate program’s requirements.

Before You Start


Rebate Calculations

The rebate is offered by individual meter and based on property size and annual water use. If you have any questions prior to submitting an application, email

Irrigation changes are expected to be a permanent change to your property.


Have Questions?

Join us each week on Thursday from 3-4 p.m. for our commercial rebate office hours. Conservation staff will be on hand to explain the rebate process, offer project advice and answer any questions.

The Fine Print

You must be a SAWS commercial water customer.

Per City of San Antonio Ordinance, commercial properties five (5) acres or larger with in-ground irrigation and properties that used over 1 million gallons of water for irrigation in the prior calendar year with in-ground irrigation systems must submit an annual irrigation checkup to the SAWS Conservation department by May 1 each year. Properties must submit an annual irrigation checkup report before applying for a rebate. Annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies is required by Chapter 24 of the City of San Antonio’s Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code, Chapter 34 of the City of San Antonio Code of Ordinances, and the SAWS Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Control Program.

You must submit an application BEFORE you start any work. Work completed prior to receiving approval will not receive rebates.

Pre-authorized rebate offer valid for 12 months from date of issue.

Internet connectivity and a contracted licensed irrigator must be maintained for at least three years. It does not have to be the same irrigator, but you must have a contract with one in place for all three years.

Rebate applies to all project costs. Customer must own all system components.

The work must be done on an existing irrigation system. New systems are not eligible.

Rebates are in cash. Rebates over $600 will require an IRS W-9 tax form.

You will receive a 1099 Form from SAWS for your taxes. Rebate checks will not be issued until your completed W-9 form is received by SAWS.

A licensed irrigator must install the system. SAWS does not in any way endorse or promote or guarantee the work of any irrigation company or parts manufacturer. Due diligence in hiring an irrigator is the sole responsibility of the SAWS customer. SAWS is not responsible for damages caused by the irrigator.

The rebate is in the form of a check and may take 6-8 weeks after approval.

Program availability may be subject to budget limitations.

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