Lacey Oak

Sun or part shade; deciduous. Thick, distinctly bluish leaves have shallow lobes and nice fall color. Lacey oak tolerates thin soils and makes an excellent choice for a specimen in […]

Yellow Passionflower Vine

Full/part shade; a native vine with small, intricate green flowers. Uncommon in the nursery trade but may volunteer in yards in Northern San Antonio. Homeowners lucky enough to have one […]

Widow’s Tears

Winter annual that grows well in shady areas. Grass like sprouts emerge in late October or November that develop into surprisingly dense clumps. In the spring stems adorned with lavender […]


Shade or part sun. Mounding perennial with soft stems up to 3 feet tall if supported by other material. Small sky-blue flowers appear in the spring, summer and fall when […]

Virginia Creeper

Virginia creeper leaves.

Part shade/shade. A deciduous vine, often found in the dark around poison ivy in riparian woods; unlike poison ivy’s \”leaves of three,\” Virginia creeper has five leaflets.\n\nThe lovely scarlet color […]

Sabal Palm

Full sun. Evergreen, growing to fifty feet or more in ideal settings. Drooping leaves emerge directly from the trunk, with a dull finish; white flowers appear in early summer. Black […]

Carolina Snailseed

Sun/part shade; deciduous, with a tenacious habit where established. Ornamental qualities include heart-shaped leaves and abundant red berries in autumn. The coiled seeds resemble snails. If you’ve already got it, […]

Bush Germander

Sun/part shade. Evergreen (may drop leaves in extreme cold), with silvery foliage resembling Texas sage but better adapted to shade. Lavender flowers summer through fall. Intolerant of over-watering in cold […]

Bigtooth Maple

Sun/part shade; deciduous. Outstanding fall color. Bigtooth maple is fairly drought-tolerant and can grow up to 40 feet in the right setting; however, in the Edwards Plateau, it’s mostly a […]

Mutabilis Rose

Sun; semi-evergreen. Mutabilis is a terrific landscape and shrub rose. Its vigorous habit and size can hide any other imperfections. Very simple \”butterfly\” flowers appear throughout the year in yellow, […]