Yellow Passionflower Vine

Passiflora lutea

Passionflower vine

About This Plant

A native vine with small, intricate green flowers. Uncommon in the nursery trade but may volunteer in yards in Northern San Antonio. Homeowners lucky enough to have one growing in their landscape are often unaware of this unassuming but important plant. Its fruits are attractive to birds and it is the larval food source for the orange and black Gulf Fritillary butterfly caterpillar. The caterpillars look spiky but are harmless – let them munch away on the leaves if you want beautiful orange butterflies in summer and fall.

Origins: The South Eastern United States


None required; expect it to freeze back in winter.

A native food source for the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly caterpillar.

Min. Height: 3'

Max Height: 10 feet'

Min. Width: 1'

Max Width: 5 feet'

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