Engelmann’s Daisy

This cheerful perennial grows up to 3 feet tall in full sun. The bright yellow flowers bloom from March until July, with the greatest occurrence during the spring. This is […]


Rocky limestone soil in well-drained east- or north-facing sites, shaded by oaks or junipers. Madrone is evergreen, with white flowers in spring. It may be Texas’ loveliest tree, with peeling […]


At least 50% sun. An evergreen, tender tropical succulent with stiff, colorful leaves in a variety of silver, green and burgundy shades. Often grown as a potted plant, they’re hardy […]

Curly Mesquite Grass

Sun (at least 6 hours/day during summer.) A warm season shortgrass, drought tolerant and useful as a turf grass. It may grow up to about a foot in height, but […]


Best in partial shade. Evergreen down to freezing temperatures; otherwise root hardy, but avoid winter moisture. An interesting bi-generic succulent hybrid between Agave and Manfreda, with many cultivars available in […]

Cedar Sedge

A small evergreen sedge, appearing as a grasslike texture in the shade underneath mountain cedar and other prairie grasses. It grows as a single clump, not a turf, but can […]

Seep Muhly

Full sun. A small perennial bunchgrass common on weeping limestone outcrops like those common in northern Bexar County. Its older leaves form distinctive, dense, curling fibrous masses; these have been […]

Possum Grape

Partial shade. Evergreen, as long as it doesn’t freeze; otherwise perennial. An interesting native vine capable of climbing trees, stones, and walls; the tendrils have distinctive leaves and bluish berries […]

Pearl Milkweed Vine

An unobtrusive vine whose small flowers bear a curiously shiny pearl-like center. Often found growing in shaded settings around live oaks and Texas persimmon. Seed pods develop in summer, covered […]