Sun or partial shade; fuller form in sun. Thornless and evergreen, with soft, lime-green, strongly veined buckthorn leaves and a nice rounded shrub shape. It is one of the few […]

Buffalo Grass

Sun (not shade). A native grass used as turf; the blue-green color and delicate white seed heads make a soft, plush lawn. Buffalograss is suitable for lawns without much foot […]

Bermuda Grass

Full sun; will go dormant (brown) during winter and during hot summers. An easy turfgrass to grow, it can be established by sod or by seed. However, plan on regular […]


Partial shade. Deciduous, with magenta berries that attract wildlife in late autumn. Spreads by runners to form loose colonies. Useful in unirrigated settings as an informal groundcover in wildscapes or […]

Hog Plum

Sun/partial-shade; deciduous, with soft ovate leaves, pale branches said to resemble snakeskin, and unusual greenish-yellow blooms in spring. In sun this small shrub exhibits more of a rounded form; in […]

Ghost Plant

Sun or bright shade. Evergreen to at least 7 degrees F. Rosettes form atop the brittle stems, with thick blue-gray, pink, and brown leaves and white, star-shaped flowers in spring. […]

Common Boxwood

Partial sun or shade. Evergreen. With their tiny evergreen leaves and their ability to regrow thickly after pruning, boxwoods have long been favored when a sheared hedge is desired. On […]

English Ivy

Shade. Evergreen, with large, glossy, dark-green leaves. English ivy is easy to grow and makes a great groundcover for bright moist shade around buildings and trees, filling in structural beds […]

Elbow Bush

Sun/part sun; deciduous. A dense, thicket-forming low shrub in shaded dry settings. Small, very fragrant flowers appear in late winter; elbow bush is also known as a spring herald. \n\nA […]


Full shade to dappled shade, protected from hot sun; evergreen. A classic foliage plant, with big glossy leaves splattered with yellow flecks (\”Gold Dust\” is a popular cultivar.) In some […]