Smart Irrigation Controller Coupon

Smart irrigation controllers make watering your yard easier than ever with automatic weather-based settings and remote access from an app. Save with our coupon!

How It Works

STEP 1: Before You Buy

Determine your eligibility and read the participation agreement. You must have an existing in-ground irrigation system, a smartphone and strong Wi-Fi signal.

STEP 2: Apply for Coupon

Apply online for a $100 coupon. If approved, you'll receive an email with a coupon code and special link to purchase your smart irrigation controller.

STEP 3: Purchase and Install

Purchase controller with discount code and install device.

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Before You Buy

Your SAWS account must be in good standing. If you have previously received a notice disqualifying you from other SAWS conservation programs, contact us for steps to resolve eligibility, or if you are unsure. Call us at 210-704-SAWS (7283).

Smart sprinkler controllers monitor local weather and then automatically adjust your watering schedule. A smartphone app lets you easily adjust your settings from anywhere, making watering smarter outdoors a snap.

Research each product before purchasing a device to ensure it meets your needs.

Visit the approved product’s website and consider costs, explore your options and compare product features and learn about installation.

Approved Smart Irrigation Controllers

SAWS coupons are currently only available for the participating vendor and device listed below.

RACHIO (Rachio 3 only)

  • Compatible Apps
    iOS 10.3+ and Android 4.4+; subject to change.

    Mobile app is required to connect the controller to Wi-Fi. Web app available on most browsers.

  • Integrations
    Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit™, Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT, Wink, Control4, Nexia and others.

  • Power source
    The Rachio controller must be connected to the AC power adapter included. DC Transformers are not supported.

  • 8-zone and 16-zone models.

  • Self-installation.

  • Two year limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

A smart irrigation controller is a device that operates an automatic in-ground irrigation system from a smartphone-based app. Typically, these services offer automatic weather-based settings that will decrease or skip irrigation when it has rained recently, or it is anticipated that it will rain. Smart controllers offer increased convenience compared to standard controllers, making it easier for homeowners to monitor their irrigation water use.

Yes, you must have an existing in-ground automatic irrigation system in order to apply for this coupon.

You must have a smartphone (Apple or Android) and strong Wi-Fi signal. You will need to install a smartphone app to control and access your irrigation system.

At this time, SAWS is only offering a coupon for approved devices listed on; however, smart irrigation controllers are a new field of water conservation, and more devices are entering the market every year. Keep a lookout for more devices to be listed!

You can expect to receive an email with your coupon code within two weeks of applying.

The coupon code will be good for 30 days from date of issue.

All coupon codes will be sent via email.

You will receive an email with your coupon code and links to the vendor’s websites to purchase your device. You must purchase your device directly through the links provided in order to use your coupon code.

Program funds are limited and applications will be processed on a first come first served basis. Applications will be accepted year-round.

Our Smart Irrigation Controller Coupon is limited to one coupon per service address. Vendors may offer additional discounts or sales, so please contact them directly for additional information.

You do not need to send in an invoice or receipt. We check with the device vendor for applicants who have activated their device at their specific address.

Maybe. Many smart irrigation controllers offer weather-based controls that will change your irrigation settings depending on how much rain we have or will receive. These companies are typically providing recommendations for the entire country, and as such these recommendations may not be as specific as necessary. We always recommend referring to Garden Style San Antonio for the most customized watering advice.

You will have thirty days from when it ships to install and activate the controller. If you do not install the controller within the time frame, a $100 charge will be applied to your SAWS water bill. If you are unable to install within 30 days, please contact us at 210-704-SAVE (7297).

You will need to contact the device vendor in order to troubleshoot any technical or installation difficulties. SAWS does not offer installation assistance.

SAWS does not conduct installations of app-based irrigation controllers. You will need to contact or hire a licensed irrigator.

SAWS cannot recommend irrigation companies. However, the San Antonio Irrigation Association has a list of licensed irrigators on their website that you may use as a starting point. Moreover, vendors may also offer recommendations for local irrigators who are approved to install their products. SAWS does not endorse any irrigation companies, so please conduct your own research before hiring a company and do not hesitate to ask for proof of their irrigation license.

No, SAWS does not endorse any companies or products or services these companies offer. Coupons are offered on specific products with features that we believe will be helpful to customers seeking to save water. We strongly advise that you conduct your own research before purchasing other gardening services or products.

If you have attempted to contact the device vendor multiple times and have had no response, please let us know at 210-704-SAVE (7283).

Yes, give us a call  at 210-704-SAVE (7283).


Participation Agreement

We appreciate your interest in the SAWS Smart Irrigation Controller Coupon which offers a discount on approved devices to qualified customers. By accepting the offer of a Smart Irrigation Controller Coupon, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

  • I understand that smart irrigation controllers are a relatively new technology; SAWS cannot guarantee the life of the product or company.
  • I understand that SAWS is not endorsing any one company or product. SAWS does not recommend or support any additional products or services advertised in the smart irrigation controller app or by the product parent company.
  • Failure to install the smart irrigation controller within 30 days of shipping and failure to contact SAWS Conservation to discuss any installation issues will result in a $100 charge being applied to my SAWS account.
  • I am the owner/operator of the irrigation system and the home where the irrigation controller will be located.
  • I understand that the offer my household received for this program is nontransferable and understand that the controller must be installed at the property associated with the account that received the coupon code. (SAWS has an agreement with vendors to know when and where devices are activated).
  • A licensed installer or I will complete the installation of the smart irrigation controller. The person completing installation must be capable of ensuring installation according to instructions, including connecting the device to the home Wi-Fi network.
  • Smart irrigation controllers approved by SAWS provide their own technical support for any installation questions and technical challenges; SAWS nor its representatives will provide technical support for your device.
  • The smart irrigation controller will be bought from and shipped by the vendor. I understand the device will not come from, nor be shipped by SAWS.
  • My home has Wi-Fi and it provides a good signal where the irrigation controller will be located.
  • I will agree to accept vendor messages when sent to the mobile app. Feedback on the messages is an important program component. I understand that if I disable these messages I could miss key information such as the settings changing to increase watering and my overall billed water usage.
  • SAWS is not responsible for my Wi-Fi network or charges associated with maintaining it.
  • I am responsible for my water bill now and in the future.
  • This system presents no guarantee for reductions in water use, nor does it provide any variance from drought restrictions or water waste rules that might be in effect in San Antonio.
  • I understand that the vendor weather-based irrigation controller feature uses local weather data to adjust water applied to my landscape. If this feature is utilized, I understand that it may increase my water use/monthly bill as conditions become hot and dry. This feature can be disabled, but only end-users can make this choice.
  • My water usage will be tracked during the next year to assess how the new controller may be assisting me in keeping water usage appropriate.
  • I understand that I may be contacted in the future for a follow-up survey.
  • SAWS is not responsible for the condition of my landscape or irrigation system now or in the future.
  • I understand that I may keep my existing irrigation controller and reinstall it at my own expense/effort in place of the smart irrigation controller purchased with a SAWS coupon at any time.

The Fine Print

  1. You must be a SAWS residential water customer.
  2. The coupon code your property receives is nontransferable.
  3. Only SAWS-approved smart irrigation controllers are eligible for the discount coupon. Coupon codes must be redeemed at the vendor’s website. Approved customers will receive an email with the coupon code and link to the vendor website. The device will not be shipped from SAWS.
  4. See participation agreement and FAQ for additional program requirements. Program funds are limited and applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. To view your coupon history, you will need online access to your SAWS service account. Note: Once you have logged in to My Account, look for the Rebates & Rewards button in the main navigation menu.
  6. SAWS makes no guarantees regarding the continued functioning of the device or company.