Mexican Redbud

Cercis canadensis var. mexicana

Mexican Redbud

About This Plant

Sun; deciduous, with small, glossy, strongly dimpled leaves that may tolerate drought a bit better than its Texas cousin. Purplish blooms in very early spring. Generally, this redbud grows as a multi-trunked specimen, somewhat shrubby in stature. Native to west Texas, Mexican redbud tolerates thin limestone soils, but give it good drainage.

Origins: Native to West Texas


Don’t over prune your young redbud to force it into a treelike shape; losing all its lower branches in a single day may result in a severely weakened tree. In general, focus on minimizing dead, damaged, or rubbing branches; only cut at a bud or branch. As with any tree, remove no more than 25% of the total canopy during any five-year cycle. (Never remove more than the lowest third of the tree in a single pruning period — for example, on a 12-foot tree, stick to the lowest 4 feet.)

A shrublike, drought-tolerant redbud with wavy leaves.

Min. Height: 10'

Max Height: 14 feet'

Min. Width: 10'

Max Width: 12 feet'

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