Escarpment Live Oak

Quercus fusiformis

Live Oak; Encino, Escarpment Live Oak, Hill Country Live Oak, Plateau Oak

About This Plant

Sun/part shade; semi-evergreen; long-lived and thicket-forming; adapted to thin soils. This is the common live oak of central and south Texas. The massive, craggy haunches are an iconic feature of Texas landscapes and lore; wild specimens are usually retained when towns and subdivisions are laid out. Full-grown specimens cast deep shade that makes it difficult to grow grass underneath; if so, welcome the chance to switch to shade-tolerant plants instead.

Origins: South-central US to northeastern Mexico


Expect regular maintenance, as oaks produce loads of tassles, acorns and leaf litter. Oak wilt spreads very easily between live oaks, due to their interconnected roots. To minimize the risk, prune only during the very hottest and coldest times of the year — NEVER IN SPRINGTIME when the insects that spread it are active. Paint the cuts and clean tools after each tree.

The most durable and adaptable oak for south-central Texas.

Min. Height: 50'

Max Height: 55 feet'

Min. Width: 55'

Max Width: 60 feet'

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