Turf Sedge

Carex spp.

Texas Sedge; Reflexed Sedge; Meadow Sedge; "Scott's Turf"

About This Plant

Sun or partial shade. Nearly evergreen, with a glossy, tousled appearance and a plush texture underfoot. Native sedges superficially resemble turfgrass, but outperform them in dry shade. A fairly recent introduction to the local landscape trade, sedge has generated interest as a native and drought-hardy turf substitute. Varieties include Texas sedge, which may grow up to 10 inches; and “turf sedge,” a shorter meadow sedge collected in Webberville, near Austin. Many local landscapers obtain plugs from Austin nurseries. Planted as a plugs, sedge naturalizes easily.

Origins: South-central and eastern U.S.


Can be mowed — on a high setting no lower than 4 inches — to refresh foliage or to crop in spring. It’s also easy enough to cut with scissors where needed. Don’t confuse these native sedges with purple nutgrass, which isn’t closely related.

An evergreen turf substitute for partial shade.

Min. Height: 6 inches'

Max Height: 1 foot'

Min. Width: 6 inches'

Max Width: 1 foot'

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