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Grab a cuppa and a cozy spot and spend the winter lull binge-watching our gardening webinars.

Winter weekends are the perfect time to wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket and settle in to catch up on your favorite shows — or better still, Garden Style San Antonio webinars you missed! It might inspire a New Year’s gardening resolution!

Over the last year, our conservation staff hosted a series of webinars sharing their expertise and experience gardening in the Alamo City. This is a great time to catch up and learn how to create a landscape that thrives despite dry spells and deep freezes, saving you money.

Just a quick note about WaterSaver Rewards points as you’ll hear us mention them in the recorded videos. Points can be earned when you watch a webinar live and then complete the survey. So be on the lookout for opportunities to earn Rewards points in upcoming webinars and in-person classes.

Design Prep

Need help achieving your gardening goals? Scout out these webinars to help you plan for spring.

Maintain a Beautiful Garden

Keep your garden seasonally appealing and follow our recommended watering schedule to keep plants healthy while saving cash.

A Welcoming Refuge

Welcome these delightful garden creatures to your own little refuge with our tips.

Watch Now

Watch our gardening webinars and explore more videos on Garden Style San Antonio or check out our GardenStyleSA playlist on YouTube. And don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit the notification bell so you’ll always know when we post a new video!

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