How to Select and Plant a Tree

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Don’t get overwhelmed by all the different sizes and species of trees at the nursery. Use our tutorials for simple and successful tree picking and planting.

According to the experts, fall and winter are perfect for planting. Indeed, for nearly 50 years Texas has held its state Arbor Day on the third Friday of January (until wiser folks realized that may be a bit too cold for an outdoor event).

cat lounging next to perfect possumhaw tree

But the point remains the same. The cool season is best to plant trees and perennials when new roots can spread out and exploit soil resources before the drought of summer slows additional growth and food production.

To help you get planting this cool season, we’ve created two galleries of photos with step-by-step selection and planting processes: How to Select a Tree at the Nursery and How to Plant a Tree.

Follow the steps closely, and while I cannot guarantee a fast growing, superior tree, I can guarantee the odds will be ever in your favor of having one.

Of course, is filled with fact-based information on plants, design and maintenance. In addition to more intriguing galleries, you can also ask the Garden Geek specific questions about plants, pests and plumerias.

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