Now is the time to edit your landscape

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Whether you’re planning your first garden bed or a total landscape makeover, our WaterSaver Coupons can help!

After a long brutal summer, fall brings a much-needed respite. More importantly, it’s prime time to make changes that will make your landscape more resilient — and our WaterSaver coupons and rebates can help!

First things first: Assess your landscape. If your landscape is grass-dominant, then most likely it has suffered the most this summer. Make your plan and budget with our coupons and rebates in mind to help you defray costs.

The WaterSaver Landscape Coupon and Outdoor Living Rebate are designed to help you replace some grass with drought-tolerant landscape beds that require less water and patio spaces that require no water at all.

Lack of landscape diversity increases your yard’s vulnerability to drought and harsh summer conditions. Use the landscape coupon to create a balanced landscape with a heartier backbone that’s less water demanding. But don’t delay — the deadline to apply is Oct. 15!

The Outdoor Living Rebate can help you convert part of your lawn into a beautiful, functional outdoor living space. The rebates helps cover the cost of the a wooden deck or a hardscape feature made from flagstone, pavers or stepping stones, or combination of both. Applications for this program are accepted year-round.

Embrace the opportunity now to transform your summer-beaten landscape into a more resilient water-saving one that can beat back the summer heat in the future.

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Autumn sage is a workhouse in the watersaver garden, and a Texas native plant to boot.