Plan Your WaterSaver Projects Now

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A successful landscape transformation starts with preparation. Start now and you’ll be ready when the WaterSaver Landscape and Patioscape Coupons are active.

Here’s how you can prep in the meantime.

Plan your project!

A well thought out plan will help you execute changes that’ll result in a beautiful water-saving landscape. It’ll also help you with what could be the greatest challenge — getting started.

Assess your landscape.

Spend time observing your landscape at different times of the day. Where is it mostly sunny vs. shade? This type of assessment will go a long way when selecting plants and deciding where you want your new patio to be.

Determine your budget.

WaterSaver coupons are not intended to cover the entire cost of your project. However, it does provide a very generous discount. Know your budget and avoid any surprises.

Schedule an irrigation consultation.

The coupon program requires you to have your in-ground sprinkler system checked by one of our conservation consultants before you begin your redesign. Get on our calendar now so you’ll be ready to start your project!

While there’s great information throughout, you may find you need more help developing your plan. Check out our Rewards & Events calendar to find a hands-on workshop or class. And remember to sign up for SAWS WaterSaver Rewards so you can earn points for your water-wise ways — which translates to coupons for water conserving materials.

A successful landscape transformation starts with preparation. So, why not begin now while you have the time.

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