Make the Most of Hand Watering

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There’s an art to watering well with a handheld hose. When done correctly, hand watering yields amazing results. It’s also an enjoyable, relaxing way to spend time in your landscape.

Hand watering is the easiest, most efficient means of irrigating your landscape. Although it seems time-consuming, the effort you put into it often yields the best results with minimal water waste.

And, watering by hand is the only method allowed any day and time during drought restrictions.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Apply only the amount of water needed and at a slow, steady rate. When water is applied too quickly, it flows away from the plant rather than down to the roots.
  • Use a circular motion when applying water to allow it to soak in more completely. Watering wands with a cut-off feature are helpful.
  • Direct most of the water to the base of the plant and lightly dampen leaves.
  • Be careful not to overwater large shrubs or trees. Unless they are newly planted, their root systems are well developed and don’t need as much water as lawns, even during dry spells.
  • Avoid watering at the hottest time of day; pooled water on the ground will simply evaporate and never reach its intended target. Instead, water in the evening or early at daybreak.

Another great benefit of hand watering: leisure time spent in your water-saving landscape. Don’t have one? No problem. Just follow our Recipe for a Great Yard.

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