When High Style = Low Water

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Why high-end landscape design can, and often does, save water

Have you ever driven through a high-end neighborhood and thought, “Whoa! Niiiiice yard! But I bet their water bill is sky-high!” I’ll be the first to admit I used to do that!

Now, as a SAWS conservation consultant, I have the privilege each and every day to visit with homeowners of all different backgrounds, with homes of all different sizes and values. And you want to know a secret regarding their water consumption? The more expensive houses with the prettiest landscaping do not always use the most water. In fact, the better-designed landscapes most often use LESS water.

What exactly do I mean by “better-designed landscape?” It’s a yard that was clearly not an afterthought, but rather meticulously planned and likely designed by a professional. The well-designed landscape has a balance between turf, garden beds, living areas, and natural areas.

It should come as no surprise that a landscape that WAS an afterthought of fence-to-fence grass (like a big ol’ carpet was rolled out), with a spider web of irrigation pipes under it, uses MUCH more water. Of course, it does – every inch of that property is turf, and every inch of it is irrigated weekly (or more).

So how can you have a high-end landscape that uses less water? Two words: planning and design. That’s it, really. Commissioning a thoughtful and professional design prior to installation can, and will, save you water for many years to come. Granted, you will certainly pay more for a professionally designed landscape. But your pocketbook will thank you each and every month for the rest of the time you live in the house!

If you did not have the opportunity for input during the design phase of your landscape, you can still retrofit it to save water – one space at a time – by adding drought-tolerant garden beds and outdoor living areas, as well as by making your irrigation system more efficient. Call us at 704-SAVE to set up a free WaterSaver irrigation/landscape consultation. We can help you achieve your goals of saving water and having a beautiful, budget-friendly landscape.

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