Let SAWS Help You Get Gardening

SAWS Conservation Consultant Gail Gallegos

Bursting with ideas on how to make your yard a water-saving beauty? Use our coupons and rebates to help make your outdoor living dreams come true!

Gardening itch got you scratching already? Although winter is officially still with us, we can see and feel the signs of spring all around. Texas mountain laurels are sending out their buds, ready to hurl their grape Kool-Aid aroma your way!

Ever the diligent gardener, you’ve probably already begun prepping your garden beds, removing dead plant material, and pulling weeds. And you’re bursting with ideas on how to make your yard a water-saving beauty not just for yourself, but for pollinators and wildlife too.

Our WaterSaver coupons and rebates can help you create a more sustainable, affordable landscape, while conserving our most precious resource.

With the WaterSaver Landscape coupon, you can purchase beautiful native, drought tolerant plants that can handle our summers. All you have to do is remove 200 square feet of grass (about the size of a parking space) and you can get a $100 coupon to use towards plants or trees.

Coming in April is the Outdoor Living rebate. Not only can you use it to create a new patio, but permeable decks and other hardscape projects will also be eligible for the rebate! Details on this exciting new program will be available after March 12.

The WaterSaver Rewards program is a great way to learn and earn! Pollinator gardening, native plant selection, building raised beds, and proper pruning are just a few of the topics you can dig into during live or virtual events. Each event you participate in is worth up to three points you can use to get coupons for mulch, plants, garden tools and more!

If you have an irrigation system you want to update, the Residential Irrigation Design rebate can help you make changes — or ditch the entire system. Just remember to schedule a free irrigation consultation before you begin any work.

These are just a few of the programs we offer. Visit GardenStyleSA.com to learn more about our other rebates and coupons for water flow sensors, smart irrigation controllers, and swimming pool filters.

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