Native Plants are Easy to Grow

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There is a common misconception that native plants are not appealing for landscapes. Let’s dispel that ugly rumor right here and now.

Native plants are easy to grow since they’re well-adapted to our soils and climate. Also, a native landscape provides shelter and food (nectar, pollen and seeds) for wildlife such as butterflies, insects, birds and other animals. And unlike common horticultural plants, native plants don’t require insect pest control to survive. Still not convinced?

Native plants:

  • Don’t require fertilizers.
  • Use less water than lawns.
  • Help prevent erosion.
  • Reduce air pollution (they don’t require mowing).
  • Promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage.

Now that you know more about the beauty (and benefits) of native plants, consult the Native Plant Society of Texas to learn how to incorporate them into your landscape. The Bexar County Master Gardeners can also answer questions you have about native plant species.

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