Hydrozone – Get in It!

erin conant

We attempt to save water in many ways, such as collecting rain water or installing water-efficient fixtures in our homes. But putting extra thought into your landscape’s design can save water, too. You can do that with creating a hydrozone in the landscape.

Hydrozoning is a technique that groups plants according to the amount of water they require. It generally includes three zones:

  • Principle – This area likely contains turf grass and gets the most use as the home’s main outdoor activity area. Plants in this hydrozone typically require more water than any other plants on the property.
  • Secondary – This zone receives less human contact and often contains beds used exclusively for visual appeal. These plants use moderate to small amounts of water.
  • Minimal – Involving the rarely accessed reaches of a property, this zone includes plants that have a knack for surviving without much care and should receive little or no supplemental watering.

While this all might seem a bit complicated, the idea of organizing the landscape by water needs is not only water-wise, but it also reduces your never-ending maintenance load!

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