Plant Trees, Cast a Shadow

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The best time to plant trees is in the fall or winter because tree roots continue to grow throughout these dormant seasons. By spring, young trees are strong enough to face the rigors of summer without serious stress or water deficit.

During my years living in San Antonio, I’ve observed fairly good rain episodes in late November through early January, but not so much from late February to early March. So throughout the winter holidays would be a good time to plant trees.

Of course, watering your new trees appropriately gets them off to a good start. The right way to water all new plants is frequently, but lightly. For new trees, we recommend the 3-2-1 plan. Only 1 gallon of water per diameter inch of the tree trunk needed per watering event. Use a hose, bucket or drip irrigation for best results.

Ensure a green San Antonio tomorrow by correctly planting and watering a small tree this winter.

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