Bald Spots? Cover Them Up!

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The cooler weather is the perfect time to revive the scorched, bald spots in your lawn.

In fact, converting bald spots in your yard to shrubs or beds will save water and make for a more attractive landscape next summer. But you needn’t break your back or budget to do so. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Use a garden hose to create an outline of bed areas that frame turf and walking areas. Simplicity is best.
  • Accent borders with rock or with formal edging materials.
  • Work zone by zone if you have sprinklers. SAWS offers rebates for capping or converting high-flow sprayers and rotors.
  • Line mulched areas with porous landscape fabric or thick layers of newspaper or cardboard to help discourage weeds.
  • Cover with two to three inches of cedar mulch, which can be refreshed as needed.

Eventually, xeric plants can be established while any returning grass is brought under control. Permanently removing grass isn’t always easy. St. Augustine can be removed with a sharp shovel, but Bermudagrass requires persistence and chemical treatment during the growing season.

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