Engelmann’s Daisy

This cheerful perennial grows up to 3 feet tall in full sun. The bright yellow flowers bloom from March until July, with the greatest occurrence during the spring. This is […]

Loquat Oak

Sun. Evergreen. A fast-growing shade tree in the red oak subgroup, with large crinkled leaves that strongly resemble the unrelated Japanese loquat. In spring, the emerging new leaves add a […]

Old Man’s Beard

Sun or partial shade. A perennial vine, most often seen along roadsides or fences, where its wispy plumes are a signature of late summer. Male and female plants produce different […]

Morning Glory

Sun. A perennial vine with cheerful purple flowers that easily make up for its long twining tendrils and habit of grabbing and climbing over adjacent plants. Names like \”purple bindweed\” […]

Snake Apple

A native vine with deeply lobed leaves. The flowers are small and yellow, but the big red fruits they produce are distinctive and eye-catching. Balsam gourd grows well in part […]

Devil’s Bouquet

A low, sprawling annual that blooms throughout the warm season. The gray-green, fleshy foliage is sticky to the touch with a mottled appearance. The bright red flowers make it a […]


Full sun. A shrub the size of a small tree, with waxy flowers and a terrific perfume familiar to anyone who’s ever been presented a Hawaiian lei. The big tropical […]