Spider Lily

Hymenocallis littoralis

Beach Spider Lily

About This Plant

Partial sun or partial shade. Spider lilies are considered an “old-fashioned” perennial with large white blossoms appearing on stalks during mid-summer. The straplike, glossy leaves grow in attractive clumps, generally up to 2 feet long. They thrive best in semi-shady areas with partial sun, and canĀ  perform well with little water.

Individual plants are not large, so they are often grouped as an accent, or used as a backdrop for summer-blooming shade plants.

Origins: Central America, from Belize to Venezuela


Pests rarely bother spider lily. Although the roots can survive extreme cold, the aboveground foliage will lose structural integrity (“melt to mush”) if not properly protected during winter freezes; damaged foliage can be lightly trimmed.

Spider lilies performed well in summer with minimal water even during the drought of 2022.

A tropical perennial with dramatic white flowers in summer.

Min. Height: 2'

Max Height: 4'

Min. Width: 2'

Max Width: 4'

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