Inspired design

For landscape inspiration, take a stroll around your own neighborhood to learn which plants are performing well in your soil type.

Neighborhood strolls inspire many a gardener as we admire everything from design styles to individual plant selection. And in our challenging climate, it’s reassuring to see what successfully survives Texas’ scorching summers right there in your own neighborhood.

So start your spring garden planning with a stroll and then let your fingertips do the walking to for even more ideas and resources, including some cash savings!

What works

Garden with confidence as our experts have selected drought- and heat-tolerant plants for our WaterSaver Landscape Coupon program. You can design your dream landscape with a palette of more than 100 gorgeous plants, adding curb appeal and wildlife habitat.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, but we can help you plan your coupon project and show you other’s completed projects. You can simplify your design process by selecting — or adapting — one of our free landscape design plans.

Top design tips

Good garden design is not effortless, but you can make your landscape look seamless by incorporating these design principles.

  • Balance your landscape with the rule of thirds. Try one-third lawn, one-third landscape beds and one-third patio or other hardscape.
  • Odd numbers create an appealing look when planting a bed. Design your garden beds with plants in groups of three, five or seven of the same plant.
  • Include focal points in your design to draw attention and guide visitors on a journey around your garden.
  • Use a “spikes-and-mounds” design with bunchgrasses, red yuccas, or to form focal points in the midst of salvias, mistflowers or other perennials.
  • Check your plan for winter interest! Select evergreens or other backbone plants that look good year-round and plants with attractive seed heads or bark.

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Explore our Garden Galleries for more inspiration, take a little stroll around your yard to imagine the possibilities and then apply for your Landscape Coupon today!

Picture of Sasha Kodet
Sasha Kodet
Sasha Kodet is a conservation planner whose large garden attracts a myriad of wildlife and curious neighbors with minimal water. At SAWS, Kodet develops outdoor programs to help people create their own beautiful, water-saving landscapes. She draws on her two decades of experience as a naturalist, botanical garden educator and event planner. Kodet enjoys (really) long walks in the woods and has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail.
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