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If you like clean lines and a modern look, we have you covered!

An orderly design palette and simplicity is the key to achieving this GardenStyle.


Clean and Green

If your backyard needs a makeover and you like a modern, clean look, here is a full backyard design that will be perfect for you. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start, and you need to visualize the entire space before beginning your makeover project. We hope this design helps you visualize your transformation and get started!

This full backyard design saves water by getting rid of 1,000 square feet of thirsty turf grass and replaces it with clean, modern garden beds and a new large patio to extend your living space. The design uses three 200-square-foot landscape coupons and two patioscape coupons.

New homes are often lacking private, outdoor living spaces or they have tiny patio spaces. The featured design creates a useful patio area to grill and entertain with the added bonus of being surrounded by small trees and plants to provide privacy. The plantings provide a noise buffer and beauty while you enjoy your company in your new outdoor living room.

The key to pulling off the modern look in this design is symmetry. The design includes relatively few different kinds of plants and they are repeated symmetrically around the entire yard. There are only six plant species and 45 total plants in this design. The other important feature of this design is that the plant palette is primarily evergreen to give you privacy and look great year-round!

The best part of this design, perhaps, is that you can apply for two WaterSaver PatioScape coupons and three WaterSaver Landscape coupons to help you create your landscape over the seasons. You can even do a coupon or two at a time.

You will be the envy of your neighbors that just have the typical wall to wall turf from house to fence. You will also likely have a lower water bill. Get ready – everyone is going to want to come hang out at your place! Fire up that grill!

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Rosemary recommended for Spanish courtyard designs.