Mealy Cup Sage

Sun/part shade. An herbaceous perennial; it appears in spring with blue flower spikes all summer long. A short-lived perennial, it normally freezes back down to the ground in winter. Finches […]

Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’

Sun or partial sun. A sprawling perennial salvia, freezing to the ground in winter. Spikes of deep purple blooms thrive during the hottest months, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.\n\nIndigo spires is […]

Giant Blue Sage

Partial sun or bright shade. An herbaceous perennial, typically freezing to the ground each winter. Salvia guaranitica is a big, clumping sage that spreads aggressively by the roots in shady […]

Baby Blue Eyes

Sun/shade; a semi-evergreen perennial with velvety leaves and a thick twining habit. Light purple or lavender ruellia flowers appear continuously from May through first frost. It has a trailing or […]

Rosemary (Trailing)

Sun or shade; evergreen with small clusters of light lavender-blue flowers; blooms spring through fall. Prostrate varieties can be used as ground cover or bank cover. And of course it […]


Sun; evergreen with masses of soft, dull, needle-like leaves and clusters of light lavender-blue flowers; blooms spring through fall and into winter. Useful as a perennial, a ground cover, or […]

Rose of Sharon

Sun/partial-shade; deciduous with late-appearing leaves and pink, purple, blue, or white hibiscus flowers early summer through fall. It can be trained to hedge or specimen tree form. Prune in early […]

Shrubby Blue Mistflower

Sun or part shade. A sprawling semi-evergreen perennial, with nearly triangular leaves and pale purple or blue mistflowers.\n\nCrucita is a stalwart in the autumn butterfly garden. It reseeds freely. In […]


Sun/partial shade; semi-evergreen in warm winters, but it drops leaves in extreme freezes.\n\nPlumbago is most admired for the blue (or white) flower clusters that persist from summer through fall. Its […]


Sun. A cool-season annual, blooming in April, with delicate, deeply lobed leaves and pink, white, and blue flowers; watch for the bunny-faced variety. It reseeds freely and grows swiftly in […]