Widow’s Tears

Winter annual that grows well in shady areas. Grass like sprouts emerge in late October or November that develop into surprisingly dense clumps. In the spring stems adorned with lavender […]


Shade or part sun. Mounding perennial with soft stems up to 3 feet tall if supported by other material. Small sky-blue flowers appear in the spring, summer and fall when […]

Gray Shrub Sage

Sun or light shade. A low, mounding evergreen salvia with woody stems and aromatic greyish foliage. Sky-blue flowers appear as early as February and may last all season long.\n\nNative to […]

Blue Curls

Plant in well-drained soil with partial sun and prevent extended exposure to afternoon sun.\n\nCaterpillars or blue curls is a leafy annual or biennial which grows 1-3 ft. tall. Its purple […]

Dwarf Plumbago

Shade or partial (morning) sun. Perennial, freezing back in winter. Foliage is dark green, turning bronze in autumn. The flowers somewhat resemble the unrelated shrub plumbago, but in a striking […]


Texas bluebonnet flower.

Full sun; a cool-season annual climaxing with spikes of blue flowers along Texas roadsides in mid to late spring. Also available in maroon, white, rosy-pink and light blue forms. Plant […]

Flax Lily

Dry shade to part shade; evergreen, ribbon-like foliage with small blooms in spring. Used as a foliage plant, it plays a role comparable to cast-iron plant, bicolor and butterfly iris. […]


Duranta skyflowers.

Partial sun; morning sun is preferred. Nearly evergreen in mild winters, this Mexican verbena can freeze to the ground and quickly rebound after very cold temperatures. Purple flowers appear throughout […]

Blue Shrub Sage

Sun to partial shade. A deciduous and mostly inconspicuous native sage with an open branching habit. Leaves and flowers are both edible. It’s not at all common in the nursery […]