From Slab to Sexy

Is your backyard a bland expanse of sickly, sun-baked carpet grass with a tiny builder’s patio and no charm in sight? Use our coupons and rebates to transform it!

This patio living space is intended for a small backyard or garden home. However, it can certainly be adapted for a larger space. Just remember, if you enlarge the garden beds, be sure to incorporate paths into your design for maintenance and functionality.

Ditch the grass (take advantage of our Irrigation Design Rebate) and expand your tiny builder’s patio living space by creating an “apron” all around it using two of our WaterSaver Patioscape coupons. Then, convert the space that surrounds the new patio living space to garden beds filled with drought-tolerant trees and shrubs from our WaterSaver Landscape coupon to create a feeling of enclosure and intimacy.

Your patio living space is now finally large enough for a fire pit, a picnic table, an art table for your kids or whatever you like. Now you have extra living space!

A = Texas mountain laurel
B = hollies – standard yauponstandard ‘Burford’, ‘Nellie Stevens’ – or cherry laurel
C = Oklahoma redbud
D = Mexican buckeye or abelia
E = sago palms
F = Bright green dots = liriope ‘Big Blue’
G = Salvia greggi or mistflower depending on sunlight
H = Herbs

Use our bed design or customize one your own!

Picture of Heather Ginsburg
Heather Ginsburg
Heather is a Texas tradeswoman through and through! With three state water licenses under her belt, she brings a unique perspective, background and expertise to the SAWS Education team. Heather’s deep understanding of and passion for sharing water knowledge makes her perfectly suited for coordinating and leading SAWS’ education tours. Prior to joining the SAWS family, Heather worked in the private sector as a landscape designer where she spent countless hours helping homeowners create beautiful, water-saving landscapes. Heather, along with her husband Brett and their two children, all strive daily to be kind humans who give back to Mother Earth.
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